We are upgrading from ZEN 3.2 sp3. Our clients were upgraded from 4.83
sp1 to 4.90 sp2, but as we load the 6.5 Zfd Agent we are finding a number
of them are lossing remote-ablilty from ConsoleOne 1.3.6d w/6.5 snap-ins.
we get the error 1456:..
TID 10091097 says this was fixed with ZENWSREG.DLL dated 2/17/04. We are
running ver dated 1/24/05 and the problem still occurs. I have
found uninstalling the Remomte Management from the General tab under Local
Area Connection fixes this most of the time, however not always.
Does anyone have a silver bullet solution for this problem?
We are not using a Middle Tier Server.