I have novell 6.5, Zen 6.5.

My problem is that if I select a group(Highlight a list) of workstations
in Console One, and ask them to wake on lan most of them will not start.
I notice that the first workstation and the Last workstation will
normally start, but the ones in the middle don't.

I can start all the computers if I just select single workstations one by
one with the WOL and console One.

I have tried different switches but the same thing happens.

It would be much better to have the ability to manualy start a group of
machines, than having to start a room full one at a time.

I have the bios set to wake on lan in all the workstations, and this
works fine if just selecting one machine at a time, but to highlight a
list don't work.

I am open to any suggestions