Our ZEN 4.01 agent workstations are fine.

These are on the 6.5 SP1b agent pc's.

The workstation remote agent icon shows up

So I made a NEW workstation policy with the 6.5 SP1b snapins and set it
to NOT show the icon.

I associated it to the workstations container (and thus "unassociated"
the 4.0x policy).

I rebooted the pc and let it login and ConsoleOne shows that it IS
associated to the correct policy. And I've viewed effective policies to
make absolutely sure (the policy for remote control, BTW is under the
General section)

I rebooted the pc again (so that the policy would take effect).

Still no go.

I've enabled the debug logs and the workstation IS imported/registered
(although the AWI on the server doesn't show the "updates", but that may
be due to the log level I chose).

The RMPol.Log file however, shows this:

Finished listeing effective workstation remote control policy . . .
workstation DN -CN=name.OU=workstations.OU=context.O=Org, treename -
Loading : C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENWorks\WMSchApi.dll
workstation NOT yet authenticated . . .
ZENNDSUTIL: initializecontext() failed . . .
Listing effective user remote control policy . . .
blah blah
Display Agent - 1

This was an "upgrade" from the 4.01 IR4 agent.

(I see someone had a similar error in the agent newsgroup, but didn't
get an answer)