We are rolling out Windows XP with Zen 6.5. Most users have Zen Mngt
Agent installed, but some have the Agent that came with Zen
6.5 install. We also have not applied any patches to the Zen 6.5 server
yet (we are very busy with XP rollout).

Periodically we will get the following error when attempting to Remote
Control a workstation:

Remote Management:
1900: Unable to connect to the Remote Management Agent. Ensure that the
Agent is running on the target machine and is compatible with this Remote
Management Console.

In particular one got the error today, and I know for sure that computer
has the latest Zen Agent installed. We also tried remote controlling that
pc from Console One from a few different machines.

I searched Novell's site for TID's on this error, and the only one I found
that could help is 10086187. We do peridocially have users unlock their
workstation through Windows instead of NDS. Although I am not sure if
this workstation had been unlocked that way today.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you...