I recently setup the middletier server so that I could begin remote
controlling our outside users. I have zfd 4 running on my home pc and it
is able to login to the middletier and I have successfully imported the
workstation into the tree. However, I have not been able to remote
control the pc. I have a cable router setup at home with NAT enabled.
The imported workstation shows the ip address of the internal network and
not the public address. Is this the problem? Am I only able to remote
control workstations with public addresses?

Also, pc's at the office connect to the middletier and are remote
controlled with no problems.

I am using Novell 6.5 with Zen 4 (the Zen server is on a Novell 6.5
server, while the middletier is on a Windows 2000 server).

Thanks for your help,
Brad Pierce