We are using Zen 6.5 sp1 on NW 6.5 sp2 with clients running XP sp1/2
NWclient 4.9SP1a & 4.91 with Zen Agent 6.5 U2.

I'm running into a small problem (atleast I hope it's small) with moving
workstation objects. We have roughly 1500 workstations that are housed
with in several buildings. So having all 1500 objects in one OU makes it
somewhat difficult to manage. The plan was to create OU's for each site
and perhapes even slice the sites up so that there would be an OU for
each wing and move workstation objects to the appropriate OU.

So I created an OU inside the current workstation OU, but when I move a
workstation to that ou, it reports that the workstation is obsolete. So
then at the workstation I ran wsreg and it reports that it has
successfully updated the workstation object and it shows the workstation
in the correct OU, but I still get the workstation obsolete error. SO I
then unregistered the workstation, then registered it again and this
creates a new object in the root workstation OU which I sort of expected.
And at this point it turns into a vicious circle.

I did find a TID that indicated a registry setting in Windows that
indicates the workstation object's location, but I figured this would
updated when the workstation registers.

Any suggestions appreciated!