I posted a question on this topic before, but didn't get any response. I've
progressed a little thanks to a suggestion from Shaun Pond, but now I'm
stuck again.
The problem is the msi installers for flash & shockwave plugins from
Macromedia won't install when the current user doesn't have admin rights on
the workstation - the 1603 error is generated.
Shaun suggested I use orca.exe to remove the admin requirement.
I think I've done that by changing the AdminUser values to Privileged.
That gets rid of the 1603 errors, but now I get an Error 1904 Module
C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\Flash8.ocx failed to register. Result
-2147220473. If I run the install as an admin user, it still installs
without error.

Has anyone found a way to successfully distribute the Macromedia Flash 8 &
Shockwave 10 plugins with ZEN or can you suggest a way to work around the
above error?