Does anyone know how to populate the zendmWSNetworkAddress and zenzfdVersion
attributes to a user object in order to allow remote control to be initiated
using a user instead of the workstation?

I am running ZEN 6.5 SP2 in a Windows 2003 server and Windows XP SP2
environment. I am using a Mid-Tier server setup on IIS 6.0. I am able to
remote control using a workstation object, but it seems like the
zendmWSNetworkAddress and zenzfdVersion attributes have not been populated
to the user objects. I don't know if I need to enable the Remote Control
policy in the User Policy package to get the attributes to populate the user
objects. I checked the proxy user account used on the Mid Tier server and
it has the necessary DS rights to create and update those attributes. Any
thoughts or help would be appreciated. Thanks Todd