We have been using Holger Doppe's ZEN Workstation Browser for 2 or 3 years and love it. We have multiple users outside of I.S. that I have configured to be able to use it and remotely control other workstations that they are responsible for.

Everything was great until this past weekend when we upgraded our ZENWorks environment from version 4.0.1 w/IR6 to version 6.5 w/sp2.

The utility works fine if it is installed in the ConsoleOne folder by default. But the way we have it setup is so that you don't need a full install of C1 on your workstation. In fact, I have the utility and the required files in the home directories on the server for each individual user that needs to run the utility. You can do this according to Holger's FAQ page at http://www.hdopp.de/faq/zenbrowser4.ini.

I figured out that once we update the desktop4.exe from 6.5sp2, the utility will no longer run. If I update the other files and not desktop4.exe, it still works OK, but I'm not sure what features or issues I will run into if I don't update the file. The desktop4.ini file still has the correct UNC paths in it to find the C1 files on the server as it always has.

So, has anyone else run into this issue yet? Does anyone know what has changed in the desktop4.exe file that may cause this problem? I have also sent an email directly to Holger to see if he knows the answer, but haven't heard anything yet.