We are having an issue with our Remote Control in our production
environment, this is just starting to get rolled out so it is causing us
some concern. We had no problems in the TEST cell however there are some
key differences to our LIVE environment.

The production environment is across a WAN.
We also have three MIDDLE TIER servers in production.
Two MTS on one site and one on another.

We have done lots of testing and the results vary.

The two sites involved are SITE1 and SITE2, there are two MTS at SITE1
and two EDIRECTORY servers, there are one of each at SITE2.

The errors we get are.

Sometime the RC request times out.
Sometimes the RC request gives an error 1900: Unable to connect to the
Remote Management Agent. Ensure that the Agent is running on the target
machine and is compatible with this Remote Management Console.

The issues seems to be around which Middle Tier Server we are
authenticated across and which Edirectory Server we use for example.

If we have a client that is authenticated across MTS 1 in SITE1 and we RC
from SITE1, it works OK. If we then RC from SITE2 MTS 3 then it time
out. Afterwards we get a 1900: error and cant RC from any server, this
actually closes down the agent on the client.
If we have a client that is authenticated across either of the other two
MTS then we get the error somtimes on the other SITE1 server and always
on the SITE2 server.

I think that explains the problem we are having, any help you can give
would be greatly appreciated.