We're migrating our Help Desk away from ConsoleOne and over to iManager
(due to new Role-based services and Universal Passwords, which don't work
in ConsoleOne).
We're currently running ZENworks for Desktops 6.5, and our Help Desk users
are able to perform Remote Control options to access end-user desktops.

I found the ZENworks browser standalone utility from the Companion 2 CD,
extracted the files onto my C: drive, but can't seem to get anything to
launch. There's no README file, and the two HTML help files I found don't
help at all. The executable files (desktop4, rcconsole, rclistener) don't
execute anything either.

All I want to do is perform Remote Control options without needing to
launch ConsoleOne.

Can anyone help me with this desktop4.exe (for lack of a better name)