Hi !

I have made a silent installation of the WYSIWYG release 15 but when I
run it with a NAL application it appears to terminate before the install
is complete.

First I have run SETUP.EXE /r
Second I take the SETUP.ISS generate by the first operation and put it in
the same folder than my Setup.exe
When I run it manually from a CMD.EXE windows, it work.
In my Nal application, I have try many parameters but no one seams to
wait for the end of the installation.

Here somes exemples I have try that don't work:
1. \\Sv_sag\sag\Applications\WYSIWYGv15
\WYSIWYG\setup.exe /s /f1"\\Sv_sag\sag\Applications\WYSIWYGv15
2. CMD.EXE /C%SOURCE_PATH%\WYSIWYG.bat (where WYSIWYG.bat = 1)
3. %SOURCE_PATH%\setup.exe, parameter = /s /w /f1"%SOURCE_PATH%\setup.iss"
4. made a map directly in \\Sv_sag\sag\Applications\WYSIWYGv15\WYSIWYG\
and run setup.exe /s f1

Any one have an idea
Who can I made de setup.exe wait for the end of the installation ?


Sylvie Desmarais
Technicienne en informatique
Cgep de Saint-Hyacinthe
(450) 773-6800 #584