NetWare 6.5 SP5
ZfD 6.5 SP2
Quick Remote Actions 2.0

Cool Solution utility Quick Remote Actions 2.0 (QRA) cannot connect wks
for remote control, remote view, file transfer etc...

We need to have some "admin light" users for supporting plain users in our networks,
and it's conveniant to take remote control for hands on support. But we don't want
these admins to use C1, and we have therefore tried the Cool Solution utility
Quick Remote Actions 2.0 for this purpose.

But the problem is that the utility really cannot take any actions towards
the remote workstations at all. It browses the users and wks quite ok,
(in a C1-looking interface), but when clicking the button for any action
on a selected user or wks, nothing happens.
And if you doubleclick on a wks, an error dialog box appears, stating:

"Could not find files needed to launch Remote Management!
These files are usually located on your server beneath \sys\public\.
Please choose a server where yoy have installed files!"

I have three ZEN servers, but the QRA lists only one of them under the "Settings" tab,
and no other can be chosen or entered. All these servers are default ZEN installations,
with no customized paths or file locations for the ZEN files.

My admin wks have search paths to both \sys\public, sys\zenworks,
C1\bin and C1\zen\RcLaunch, but nothing helps.

What is wrong here?
What files does the QRA need a path to, to be able to actually launch the remote control?

And why can't another ZEN server be chosen under the "Settings" tab?
And the server that automatically appears there, where does it come from?
Is it picked up from registry - the ZfD wks import server maybe..?

- Erik