I'm having a very strange problem with my WOL policies.
We have three ZENworks 6.5.2 servers setup on three different subnets.
I've setup three identical WOL Service object for the three servers.
Same goes for the WOL policy in the Server Package. (Different target
workstations though)

On location A the WOL schedule works
On location B i get failed login attempts (Remote Manager) from the WOL
policy Server Package and no schedule is executed.
On location C Iím no getting any errors at all and no schedule is executed.

Manually wake up with C1 works on all locations.
I enabled verbose logging on all WOL Zenworks Services and no errors are
showing there as well.

What could cause the failed login attempts on location B? And why isn't the
schedule working.


Duinwaterbedrijf Zuid-Holland