Hallo ale you zenworks experts out there hare comes a question for you.

We are running ZfD 6.5 sp2 on both server and clients with Novell Client
4.91sp2 mostly on win2000 but also winXP on laptops.

Some while a go our community decided to change the policy on our remote
control so that the user while be promt to accept or deny a remote
session from the admin or help-it group (some one remoted the highest
chefs PC while he was visiting some porno sights I whose just joking).

Ale this works fine but the problem accurse when the users are logde off
(Ctl+Alt+Del state) and the admin and help-it group wants to remote
control the workstations and the promt question pops up but no one is
there to click on the accept button.

Howe to turn this off while user is not logd in to the network?
Or is there a workaround?

Best regards