Here's another question related to our impending rollout of Groupwise to
our stores...

Currently, our stores' POS systems receive text messages via the
mainframe. To allow corporate users with Groupwise to send mail to the
stores, we set up many years ago an external domain and set up each
store as an external user in this external domain. Then, using the 4.2
API gateway, all mail sent to any of these external users is dumped in
the ATT_OUT and API_OUT folders which is then picked up on a timed
basis by the mainframe and delivered to the store's POS system.

Now, using SLES10 and a Linux portal, we are going to give each of the
stores a REAL groupwise address with a REAL mailbox.

What I'd like to know is... is it possible to route messages sent to
the external user back to the new real mailbox while the conversion
process is taking place. In other words, we've got to convert 1300
stores and this process will take several months. Thus, we won't be
able to turn off the api gateway all at once and it will take some time
for systems and users to start using the new mailboxes.

So... if an internal groupwise person sent a groupwise message to
external user 10337.POS (where 10337 is the external user and POS is
the external domain), could the message still be placed in the
API_OUT/ATT_OUT folder of the gateway so the mainframe could pick it up
while simultaneously the message is routed to store10337.PRI_DOMAIN or