I'm quit new with CIFS on a Novell server...
At a client, running netware 6.5 sp5, CIFS must be configured for a copier
to scan files into the folder shares. When I start ConsoleOne (on the server
or workstation) the CIFS tab (at properties of the server) is NOT shown. I
double checked on the server by typing cifsstrt and restarting ConsoleOne,
but nothing. Is there more to activate this?
the CIFS.CFG states:
-AUTHENT local
-WORKGROUP 'workgroup'

### The configuration for CIFS was moved to NDS.
### Please do not modify this file, because it will be ignored.

In the cfg there is an entry line "CIFS was moved to NDS", is there another
cfg file for CIFS or what?
As said I'm very new at this.


Dirk Jonker