Hi All,

I have had a local server admin contact me to state that after
installing a new server into their OU it experienced licensing problems
(we'll call it MyServer5). They then ran setupnls and this resolved the
licensing on that server.

This server is also a cluster server

After the weekend another server in the cluster abended, on boot up it
failed to pick up the license with the following error:

12-09-2007 6:56:35 am: SERVER-5.70-3651 [nmID=50020]
POLICY MANAGER - (5.00-089): Server MyServer3 is unable to obtain
server base license unit. Connection to this server is NOT
Ensure that licensing units are available and verify NLS
operation. Error
# C0001005.


- We have 6 other servers in that container.
- We have NLS_LSP objects for ALL the servers in the container.
- We have both Cluster and Server license containers. We have an MLA
- Upgrading to Nw65sp6 on these servers is not possible at this point
- Servers are NW65sp2
- Everything was working up until the new server was installed, so im


I have checked in console one and iManager for the Novell+NetWare 6
Server+650 properties and I cannot see anywhere that might suggest that
it has been assigned to a single server. However the NLS trace log
suggests that this is the case here:

147: GetSpecifiedUnits NLS:License
ID=SN:'SERIAL'.NLS:Publisher=Novell+NLS:Product=Ne tWare 6
147:License is assigned to server MyServer5.MyContext not this server
147:NLS error:0xC0001005, (..\objects\cert.cpp:6607).

I have tried a local dsrepair, setupnls on MyServer3 but this still
hasn't resolved the problem.

How can I check to confirm if the license has been specifically
assigned to the new server? If this is the case, how can I reverse this

Cheers for any info