Hello, I am going to be upgrading the drives on my netware 6.5 server
from current configuration of:

2- 18GB drives that host the OS and is Mirrored will remain untouched

3-146GB drives mirrored using raid 5 will be replaced with 3-300GB
drives mirrored I hope using Raid 5.

The data is backed up up as well as the NDS. And the original drives
will remain intact an stored in case this doesn't go well.

Can anyone point me to documentation to help me get the new drives
formatted properly and we planned to create Traditional volumes since
thats the configuration on the original drives with the exception of
the 2-18Gb drives that host the OS they are NSS.

What problems could I face if I decided to use NSS instead of
Traditional on tthe new drives? Please advise as I want to prepare for
this and again *the OS is intact and will not be reinstalled.*