I had been working with HP for nine months now to solve this problem,
and after nine months everything has been replaced at least one time
and I still can't get this to work reliably. Included in the
everything replaced, is three LSI based scsi cards, one older Compaq
Adaptec card, plus cables, three tape drives, the actual Storageworks
cabinet with power supply, etc. (The Adaptec worked in solving this
problem earlier on another server (ML350) in another location six
months earlier. - and still works. Before I ordered two more HP
assured me this problem was fixed since that one took three months to
get working.)

I have a HP DL380 server, with an external Storageworks Ultrium 448,
single drive no library, running Netware 6.5SP6, Proliant Support Pack
7.90, Backup Exec versions 9.1 to the current 9.2.whatever. All
hardware with the latest firmware, tape drive and server Bios

Of course, the first thing I got from Symantec is that it's a hardware
problem. Actually, it wasn't to start, it was a driver problem, but
anyhow, that took me to HP and they figured that one out. Then, and
as far as I still know, the CPQSCSA.NLM was a problem. I removed that
file, and then another server (yes, my third server with this issue
and in this case a ML350) with the same issues came to life and has
been working fine since then. However, I'm still stuck with the
DL380 problems, and unfortunately, all I get is a big nothing. The
job starts, but nothing ever happens until I cancel the job, then all
the log shows is that the job is cancelled, and the tape pops out. I
get generally 3 to 8 days out of it before it stops working. At that
point, all I can do is reboot the server. Server is fine, works
without issues, performance is fine, just the backup will no longer
run...and 80% of the time if I unload Backup Exec when it's failed, it
hangs the server. The other 20% of the time, it unloads but will
either no re-load, and if it does, it still won't function.

I've thought about trying other software, and I am open to
suggestions. I used to use ArcServe everywhere until NetWare 6 came
along. I got my first NW 6 server, purchased AS, loaded it and it
would not run. No support, I needed to buy a support contract to get
ArcServe out of the box to run. I was told next time, load the eval
copy and we will support that. That was a interesting take on
customer support, so I dumped them about 7 years ago and went to
Backup Exec. Since Symantec has taken over, I have not been real
happy with their support either. I may call them once or twice a year
and it's the instant finger pointing deal, and I'm really fed up with

So I'm open to a change in software, or if someone knows what to do to
fix this, let me know. Any thought or comments are appreciated.