I have a workstation that had iPrint v4.20 client on it.  It was installed using the nipp-s.exe via ZENworks/Force Run from a NetWare 6.0 Login directory.

I have setup a Novell OES LInux SP2 server with iPrint and updated it with the iPrint v4.30 client to be distributed via the iPrint web page.

In testing the iPrint client install, I have a workstation that seems to install the client, but ends with the following window:

Novell iPrint Client Setup
        Update System
                The iPrint client install/uninstall has been terminated.  Click Finish to exit.
        Problem Details
        (problem details window is blank)
                [Previous]          [Finnish]

In clicking Finish, the client is not updated.

In viewing the files during the install, it seems to rename the current files by adding an extension of ".iprint", then copies the new files to the (I believe) appropriate locations.  But when Finnish is clicked, the new files disappear and the old files go back to the original name.

I have also run nipp-u.exe to uninstall and then run the latest nipp.exe to install, but I get the same results.

I did a search for files that may be left behind after the uninstall and found a few and moved them to a subdirectory, but the problem is unchanged.

I have also copied the nipp.exe file to the local hard drive and run it without the browser open without success.

The Windows XP workstation has the latest updates from Microsoft and I am logged in as Administrator equivalent.  I have tried this being logged into the Directory Tree as Admin equivalent and not logged into the tree at all.

As you can see, I have spent a lot of time trying all sorts of options.

Is there a way to determine where the install fails?  (as I have stated, the Problem Details is blank)

Any Help Is Appreciated.