I have a user who needs allow users to read an Excel spreadsheet and
possibly make changes, but she does not want the user to be able to
overwrite the original file. They should have to save it under a new
name instead. I set the file Rename Inhibit and Delete Inhibit
attributes and it works as desired when the client workstation uses a
Novell client to log in. When a client uses cifs, these attributes seem
to be totally ignored and the user has no trouble saving right over the
current version of the spreadsheet. Is this a cifs configuration issue
which I can fix, is it an oversight in Novells implementation of cifs
which Novell should correct, or is this the way things are supposed to
work and I'm up the creek? Server is Netware OES sp2, cifs.nlm version
3.24.02. Helllllpppppp.....