I have downloaded NW65SP6 and installed it selecting all the available
packages on one server and only some of another one.

When I use their IP addresses, the server which all the packages were
installed shows me the "Novell Welcome page" of the "Novell Open
Enterprise Server" which has a menu on the left with titles "End User
Software, open Source, Network Management etc." but the one with only
some applications installed shows a "Problem loading page" title with
"cannot establish a connection to the server" message in the window.

With this server the ports 81, 8008 and 8009 works but ton 2200, so I
can access the "Novell Remote Manager" but not the main page. Using
the Remote Manager I opened the ports 2200 and 636 but in any case
with all the ports, the probser is redirected to the "Novell Remote

Any idea ?