My database person has created an Access database on my Novell 6.5 server,
and one of the clients who is supposed to have access to the database is
unable to open it with the following error:

The OS will not allow MS Jet to create a lock file (.ldb) in the same
directory where the db resides. You need to have write privileges to the
directory that contains the db you are trying to open."

Basically the back end of the database is located on the server, and the front
end of the database is located on the local desktop. Security has been set up
on the database. The client in question was given full access to the
directory where the database is stored on the server. The database person can
open the database from her local desktop without any problem.

It sounds to me like this a problem on the local desktop, and not the server.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this. Any help is greatly appreciated.