We have nearly 2000 app objects in our tree and due to the nature of
academic modular studies large numbers of these are available to most users.
We're still dragging along on Zfd3.1 at the moment with mostly XP.

On my investigations of Zfd6.5 last year I noticed that NAL started to use
the NALCache for reading objects (icons, names, paths etc for display in the
NAL GUI) when starting up and hence with our huge amount gave a dramatic
speed increase once they were cached (from minutes to ~30sec or less in
worst case).

I've recently rebuilt my test boxes using Zfd7 in the hope of trying to get
an upgrade pushed throu this year but initially it appears that those speed
increases have gone away. I couldn't find much in the Launcher Configs that
could effect this but didn't think there was meant to be much change in the
Zfd parts from 6.5->7? Is there likely to be some simple reg key whos'
default was changed between versions?

I've only got VM clients setup at the moment and haven't got round to doing
packet traces yet (I remember comparing zfd3->zfd6.5 nal startup packet
requests and seeing a good drop in activity when the NALCache was filled).

The main reason I ask is that we had to disable the NAL from loading
automatically in our workareas due to the time it took and move core apps to
the Image. This is obviously getting a rather big image and means we loose a
lot of management pluses without NAL there at startup. One of the biggest
selling points I was able to push into seriously thinking of upgrading Zen
was it's efficient use of caching so we could get it back into workarea