Windows XP SP2 and Zenworks. IT SUCKS!!!!!
Please help!!!!!!! We pushed out Windows XP sp2 update recently and my
life has never been the same. We have add so many issues. WHY!!!! Is it a
Zenworks thing. It has not mattered what version I am on there are
problems. We have 4.x, 6.5x, 7.0x and they all have the same sort of
probelms. I have wanted to commit suicide a few times because of it all.

Issues like:
Windows install stops working.
Windows update stops working
NAL does not run.
Network Connections missing.
Login issues.
Mapped drives gone.

A few of them have been because of the firewall but the biggest issues are
the top four. These only go back to normal when we uninstall service pack
2. Any thoughts?

Thomas W