ZEN7... (and possibly before)

I need to be able to provide a method for users to drag NAL icons onto
their desktop and as this is not possible from the start menu I'll give
them NALWIN (or a shortcut to the NAL folder) from which they can drag

Problem is that when I remove a entitlement from a user (or device) the
icon is left behind... ok, so that is probably what you'd expect as nal
won't necessarily know I put it there... but... when the user launches
the icon NAL installs the APP! despite the fact that neither user nor
device is associated to it...!

I'd expect NAL to check entitlement when it is launched and since it can
work out where it has been launched from, remove the icon if the
association does not exist...

Anyone else seen this? Or have any clever ways of allowing users to get
NAL shortcuts to the desktop that don't exhibit this behaviour?

Cheers. Doug.