New ZfD 7 installation, recently upgraded from ZfD 4.01.

I created two app objects. The first one is simply a shortcut assigned to
the user. The second one is the MSI install called as a dependent object by
the first app object. I set the MSI installation object to run as
"unsecured system user". The workstations being attempted are verified as
imported and can be remote controlled. The user groups and workstation
groups both have full file permissions to the folder holding the MSI and MST

The MSI installation app object does not give an error message. It begins
and there is never a progress bar, it just seems to be trying for ever and
ever until eventually you have to power off the workstation.

These apps worked when assigned to me and I am also a Windows administrator.
However, when I made the non-admin user a local admin on a test machine, the
deployment still did not work. It behaved the same way - attempting to push
out forever until the workstation was powered off.