Hi all,

Having a problem, hope someone can help.

I have setup my image server to deploy a base image (either Win2k or
WinXP) and a few addon images (Office Pro or Office Standard). I have also
created a few more addon images to deploy Groupwise and Adobe Acrobat.

If the user choses Win2k all works well.

If the user choses WinXP (same machine after a complete reboot and a
zisedit -c command then another reboot) the script comes up the images
deploy successfully (as per on screen prompts) but when XP boots none of
the addon images are in the nalcache folder.

The source files for the addon images are the exact same files for WIN2k
and WinXP nothing changes. A little lost on what I should be looking for.
All my NAL objects are the same.

Again everything deploys properly under 2k with sp4 but not xp with sp1.

Any suggestions??