We are working on migrating our servers from Netware 5.11/ZFD 3.2 to
Netware 6.5/ZFD 7. All of our users are in an extensible policy package
that applies a run list allowing the users to only run the specified
windows applications and all of our desktop computers are running Windows

We have several applications that are delivered to the user's desktop using
Zenworks. These applications all worked fine using zenworks 3.2, but I
cannot get any of the desktop icons to work when using zenworks 7. If I
open application explorer, then I can run them but the icons on the desktop
itself. The error message that I receive when I double click on the
desktop icons is "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in
effect on this computer. Please contact you network Administrator." This
message normally appears when an application is missing from the run list,
however I cannot figure which executables this could be.
- I have tried adding all of the .exe files from 'c:\program
files\novell\zenworks' and any subdirectories. We also tried doing a
snapshot of the box and got 4 additional files from the system32 directory:
xtagent.exe, zdarpsrv.exe, zentray.exe, ziswin.exe. I have tried adding
all of these files to the run list, but I still get the same errors.
- I have also tried disabling the run list on the box. This corrects my
problem, but it is not a solution that I like.
- I have spent most of the day today searching Google and these forums,
but have not had much luck.

If you could provide me with any guidance or assistance it would be very
much appreciated.

Steve R. Kinney