Dear All

Nearly 4 years ago (!) I wrote a message about this, see

I believe in Zen 4, they introduced the Distribution Rule that allowed
Connection Speed to be set as a criterion.

[Correct me if I am wrong here]
As I understand it, this is QUITE USELESS. Perhaps in the days when a
remote connection was really a dial-up connection for most users, it was

However, for years now, for most users a "remote" connection means that
they are
- at home on broadband using (possibly slow) VPN to get back to the office
- at some other office (anywhere in the world) connected to a LAN but
the backend servers are across a (possibly slow) WAN
- on a WLAN at Starbucks going back to the office via VPN again

You get the point: any remote connection OTHER THAN a modem link entails
being plugged into a LAN cable running at 10/100/1000 Mbps or WLAN speed
which is quite respectable usually. BUT, the LATENCY back to the office
may be high (only as fast as the SLOWEST link, etc). If you DON'T want
to distribute large-ish packages to these remote users, the Connection
Speed criteria is USELESS, because (as far as the local ZEN agent is
concerned) the user is still on a LAN at multi-Mbps speeds.

And my guess is that most users will fall into this category.

SO, my original 2002 query is still valid: Connection Speed (of the
Local Interface to the Local infrastructure) is irrelevant. It is
LATENCY (from the local agent to the backend) that should be the
determining factor. The agent should be determining the latency and this
should be settable as a threshold for Availability.

Any ideas/comments? I may even email the evil Zen scientist himself
about this (from my Novell account obviously)...

Graham Marsh