I need some help getting my bearings on a new assignment.

I'm in a new position and I've been asked to take over their half
implemented ZENWorks installation. My understanding is that they began
with ZfD 4 and recently upgraded to 7 but it was a piecemeal process
done by several technicians each working semi-independently. No one
owned the project, no project plan existed, and no documentation or
record of what was done exists. I am a long time Novell administrator
but have limited experience with ZfD. In one position we used ZfD 3 for
application management only but it was a "learn as I experiment"
situation as no money or resources were available for training.

My current situation involves application management for
Faculty/Staff/public labs in a mid sized university (8000 students).
The tree is a mess, it is very flat in design with about 25 Os and no OU
depth greater than 4. For the most it is based on departments however
there are quite a few user objects that seem to be randomly placed
throughout the tree.

Currently the application launcher is installed locally on the
workstation and called in the startup folder. I've been told "most" of
the workstations "at least the older once" have v.4 in the startup
folder and "most" of the new machines "should" have version v7 but
"we've seen a lot that don't."

We have several software packages that ITS management want to
automatically push out to the campus and I've been told to make it
happen (without the users noticing or having issues of course) ASAP
(read yesterday).

So, where do I start in taming this beast? The one good thing that I
can see is that the workstation OS is fairly standardized, 98% are
running XP. From what I've read in the docs the snapshot process hasn't
changed much since v.3 so creating the apps shouldn't be a huge problem
for me. What I'm really concerned about is making sure that all of the
machines run the app launcher and have the correct version.

Is there a reason not to call the app launcher from a login script? If
I go that route how do I remove the locally installed app launcher from
the workstations. If it's better to leave it on the workstation is
there an way, short of touching all 2000 machines on campus, to make
sure it's on all machines and running the latest version? What other
roadblocks do you see? I'm looking for any and all
advice/wisdom/warnings/etc. you have to offer.

Thanks in advance.