Or should I say, question(s)?

Anyway, here's my dilemma:

1) Is force CACHE "run" on a per user basis? By this I mean that if we
associate the app to say 10 users and it's set for Force CACHE. User1
sits down to PC-1 and logs in and gets cached. What happens when User2
sits down to the same machine (logs in of course)? Do they also have to
suffer the pain of "force cache" time? (not to mention it'll chew up
the hard drive space pretty quickly?)

2) Is there any way to "pre-prime" the cache in an image (a GHOST
image, NOT a ZEN Image with "add-on" images).

I think that if the answer to #1 is that every unique user gets cached
again, then #2 is not "doable". (long story, but we'll never really be
able to use ZEN imaging--they took too long to add in the split image
ability and with Acronis and Symantec acquiring PowerQuest, you can
image the machine while it's up and running).