Dear all,

Here's the case:

Server Installation:
OES SP1 + ZENworks v7 with all backend services and middle tier installed

Administrative Workstation:
WinXP SP2 + Novell Client + ZENworks Agent + ConsoleOne + Admin Studio

Client Workstation:
WinXP SP2 + ZENworks Agent

Problem Production Steps:
- After repackaging both AOT-AXT and MSI applications and store them on
sys share on the server.
- Create Application objects on Administrative workstation using
ConsoleOne refer to these repackaged files on the sys share of server.
- set common - File Rights on both Application Objects to Supervisor.
- When Distribute to the client (which has only zenworks agent), NAL
give error message of uncapable of copying files and exit

Additional Notes:
- I am totally uncapable of accessing SYS share of OES and ZENworks Server
on the clients Machines, i made a workaround by making samba share for
/usr/novell/sys and rename the netbios name for the samba server to be same
as oes server.
- After doing this workaround, I was able to create simple application that
its file stored on the sys share on oes-server under
- I am not capable to deploy MSI and AOT/AXT based applications to clients.

I need the following:
- A way to access NCP shares through zenworks agent on client workstations
to avoid creating the samba share for /usr/novell/sys
- if the previous point cannot be done, I need a way to make successful
deployment of MSI and AOT/AXT based applications to clients workstations.

thanks in advance