I am trying to perform a very simple test to see if file permissions are
working correctly. Apparently I'm a clown because I can't make my test
work. Please help if you can.

I have placed a text document called 'John.txt' in a Netware NSS share
called 'TEST'. I've given full file permissions to my
workstation 'MOB2PC6', which only has the ZEN for Desktops Agent v.7, no
Client32, but when I log in as 'NurseNMC', a stripped down test user, I
can not launch 'John.txt'. If I grant full file permissions
to 'NurseNMC' then I can open my 'John.txt' document all day. My boss is
adamant that I should be able to make a ZEN application lauch 'John.txt'
by only granting file permission to 'MOB2PC6' and not 'NurseNMC'.

Is this possible?