I have some network folders (with files) that I want to copy to each
machine. I want this app to A) copy all files the first time and then B)
update any files that are newer going forward.

On the distribution options\Application files, I have specified the
directory and to copy if newer. I also have distribute always checked.
On Associations, I have it set to force run. This does not update the
files or copy them if missing. The only way I have been able to get it
to copy any files is to select distribute always on distribution
options\options. This however, then copies all the files each time a
person logs in. This is not too annoying on the LAN but if someone is
using a laptop and VPN it gets quite frustrating.

Again, I just want it to copy the files if A) they are not there and B)
if there is a newer version of the file on the network. Previously these
files were being copied\updated via the login script using xcopy. There
must be a way to get Zen to do this (without, of course, using ZEN to run