I am preparing to roll out some new Windows XP workstations. I have set up a
workstation group, and I am associating application objects with the
workstation group. The applications show up, install, and run with no
problems. I want to test the uninstall feature. I want to set the
"unassociated days to uninstall" setting for just this workstation group.
According to the ZfD7 administration guide, p. 394, I need to go to the
Launcher Configuration page of the ZENworks tab to set this. I do not see
that page on the workstation group. The ZENworks tab is there, but it shows
only two pages: Associated Policy Packages and Applications. I see the
Launcher Configuration page on the container object, individual workstation
objects, and individual users. But I do not see it on the properties for a
workstation group or a user group. Am I missing something? Going to Page
Options and trying to add it there does not work, as it does not show up
there either.

I would really like to set this just on the test workstation group, rather
than the whole container, just to be safe. Any thoughts? I am using
ConsoleOne 1.3.6e.