Hey there,

ZEN 6.5 sp and ZEN 7.

We just turned on security. All of our users went from Administrators of
their local machines to Users. This apparently isn't going to work so

I thought that we could create NAL apps that point to the .exe that are
installed on the local workstation. These work fine so long the local user
is Administrator.

We change the app to run as unsecure system user. Setting this setting
causes the application to not run even if the local user is the

Could not launch application.ou.o (using R:\Common
Files\Templates\Staff\Purchase Order.xls) (id=3)
The system cannot find the path specified.

I can browse to the local application. I can open the application manually.
I just can not launch it from the NAL window.

Now, if I put the application back to "run normal" and the local user is the
administrator, the application runs.

If I leave the application at "run normal" and the local user is the User,
the application (32bit) does not run.

NAL version is