I originally posted this message on the ZfD 6.5 forum, but received no
responses there. Since I understand that 6.5 SP2 is very similar to 7,
I hope that someone here might be able to help us.

For some time now we have been having intermittent problems with a
snapshotted app that I created to install and run the Mozilla suite.
When distributing registry settings it would sometimes get stuck with
this error:

Problem: Unable to process registry setting

Thinking this was just a fluke I modified the app so that it no longer
distributes this setting. Now, however, the app sometimes hangs another

Problem: Unable to process registry setting

Recently I created an app for Thunderbird, which has occasionally hung
while trying to distribute [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.eml].

Finally, today, I was told that Mozilla is also hanging sometimes when
trying to distribute a file. The target name of the file is ".autoreg".

Since all of these items begin with a dot, I'm assuming that this
commonality is not a coincidence. Why might the launcher sometimes fail
to distribute these things, and is there a solution for it? All of
these apps were set to "distribute always".

Jim Wagner
Arcadia Valley Schools