Now that I have Zen Imaging up and running, I want to start using the
Addons option a bit more.

I've created an Addon Image for Macromedia Studio MX - I did a
Snapshot, created a Zen object from the AOT, exported the registry info
from the Application object, and imported the reg file and all the
needed files into a new zmg file. I added this Addon Image to one of
my workstations, and it worked fine - I can run Studio without having
to install anything.

I've tried the same thing with Office 2000 and it's gone wrong - If I
try to launch any of the Office Applications, an installer runs instead
- Office launches eventually, but the installer seems to take longer
that the full office installation.

Can I distribute Office in this way? - I'm looking to replace Office
2000 next year, and would rather not include it in my Workstation