can anyone help me out here. we used to use ACU in the login scripts to
deploy new clients to our users, but now we're using Zen7 to do it.

I created a app object that simply grants access to a folder on a novell
server, and runs setupnw /u

It works fine with our users that have admin-level access in XP, but it
will not run on users/power users. I have "run as unsecure system user"
checked in the environment page but it still won't work.

I went to one of our power users and fooled around a bit, I manually
navigate out to the folder that has the client, try to run it, and of
course, it says I need Admin rights, as expected, I try and right click
and do a "run as" but then it comes back and says it can't find the UNC
path. I maproot the folder to a unused drive letter, and I get the same
thing except it now says it can't find the mapped path, However, if I
manually copy the client folder down to the workstation, and do a "run as"
it runs just fine. Is this just a limitation in XP's "run as" capability?
do I need to have the app object copy the client down to the workstations
prior to installing it instead of directly running it over the network? or
is there some "preferred" method of deploying clients via zenworks that I'm
just not aware of.

Thanks in advance