I am trying to use Zenworks 7 to do an MSI install of OpenOffice 2.0.2.
When I try to install with a user that has less than Administrator rights on
the workstation I am getting an MSI 1603 error. It works fine if I log in
as an Administrator. I can get the application to install if when I have it
associated to the Workstation I select the "Distribute in Workstation
Security Space if Workstation Associated" option. However, when set up this
way the install can not place the OpenOffice shortcuts folder in the
StartMenu, it ends up placing the folder in the root of C:.

I would like to have the application associated with the workstation so the
install only happens once per machine. How can I set up the application so
that it can run as a "normal" user and still place the shortcuts folder
where it is supposed to be in the StartMenu?


Brad Johnson