We're using ZfD7 and one user gets the following error when the NAL
window starts:

ZENNW32.DLL is missing the entry point:
LoadLibrary Failed
Error Code 5
If Client32 is not installed remove zennw32.dll

We do run Client32 (4.91sp1) and so I assume we need to keep this DLL.
I have uninstalled the ZfD agent and client 32 and reinstalled them
but the problem persists. This user was not a local admin and so I
made her one temporarily to troubleshoot and then the error went away.
At this point, I am thinking that it must be one of the applications
that she is associated with and so I temporarily disabled all of those
but the problem still occurs unless she is a local admin.

What could I try?

Thanks for any suggestions.

-Marc Johnson