I have a Citrix Farm with Windows 2003 server SP1, Presentation server
4.0 lastest rollup patch, Novell Client 4.92 SP1 contextless login,

On the WIndows XP client they run Windwos XP SP2, Novell client 4.91 SP2
contextless login & ZFDAgent

I have published applications via the NAL and client PCs run NALWIN32.EXE
to have the App launcher Window appear with the applications. When the
Citrix application is launched via the NAL there are several problems:

1. The user is prompted that the username and password is incorrect. The
corerct username and password are passed to the Citrix server, however
the contect is not and even though Contextlkess login is configured is
does not correct the context. If you just backspace on the username and
retype the last character the context is then corrected. See TID
What I have discovered though is that if ZFDAgent 6.5.1 is install on the
Windows XP machine passthrough authentication works! Good but annoying
problem is that 6.5.1 agent time to run and display icons is poor.

2. Having several issues where clicking on the NAL application does not
work, no error or anything. Its like the icon is just not resonding.
Even right click open does not work. Poke your toungue out and spin on
the spot and it works! No idea what is going on there. Using Citrix
PN I am unable to reproduce this problem.

Any help appreciated.