I am intending to use a Zen application to update a local file on a
Citrix client PC. That is , I have Zen integrated on my Citrix Farm, and
want to "drop" a file down on the remote PC that is the 'thin client', it
has no Novell or Zen client. When the user connects to the Citrix ICA
session, it maps his local C: drive as V:, so I have visability of his
local C: drive. ANd, if I use an application object that has a 'launch
script', I can actually get the file to 'xcopy' down, but that is a bit
ugly seeing the dos box flash up during login. I am trying to use
the 'application files' tab on the distribution options' to accomplish
this , but I get the 'unable to copy error d018' message. Any ideas ?