First, the obvious - if you're going to "Create an application that has an
MSI file", the MSI application code (*.msi file AND all the supporting
files) have to be copied up to the network somewhere so that NAL can
distribute them. Since MSI installs will extract and install only those
components necessary for selected components, is it always necessary to copy
up ALL of the possible application files into a network folder?

Example 1: If you want to roll out the new ZfD Agent, it's a self-contained
single file (ZfdAgent.msi) - one file, nothing else, so it's easy...

Example 2: I rolled out Crystal Reports today, which has a tiny little .msi
file, but a TON (about 100MB) of supporting folders and files on the CD -
not knowing what the install would require, I copied the ENTIRE CD up to the
network drive, then created an application that referenced the loader .msi
file. It worked, but that's a lot of space, and seems pretty inefficient...

Example 3: I have a Project 2000 CD - it also has a single, small .msi file,
but the CD is packed with about 500MB of folders and files...

Clearly, there has to be a better way - any help would be appreciated.
Maybe there's a simple "design concept" I'm missing that would make things

Thanks again!