Wonder if anyone can help:

Environment is: Zen7 agent on workstation; Zen7 running on Windows 2003
server; no NetWare servers; no AD/Domain. Users login to the eDir server
(same box as the Zenworks server) using Novell Client 491SP2

Trying to push files from the server to the desktop via UNC shares.

Made a connection to the server in the login script using NET USE
\\server.dns.name\sharename /user:Guest "" (i.e. Guest is enabled and no

This works OK so far and the workstation can access the files using a
DOS box and DOS commands such as copy
\\server.dns.nam\sharename\file1.dll. However we get to the problem.

When specifying the path to the file as a UNC path and using the DNS
name, the name gets truncated as mentioned in the TID10098618, and the
agent shows the D018 error with the truncated path
\\SERVER\sharename\filename. This still happens even after I applied the
registry setting, and even after a reboot. Of course, since the server
is on another network, the truncated name will not find the files.

Note that I am explicitly typing the UNC path against the file, I am not
using the SOURCE_PATH macro; but this should not make any difference.

I also tried using the IP address. At first I thought is was OK, but it
is inconsistent - on some systems it works, on others it does not.

I believe the DNS name would work consistently but I guess I need that
registry setting to be effective - and right now it seems to be ineffective.

Anyone have any ideas? Or any other approach to deploying files in such
an environment?