Hi, can you help me?

I have a Zen 7 environment with Netware 6.5 and I want to push a
application who run a Map before launching (configured in Run
Options\Launch Scripts\Run before lanching on ConsoleOne).

The problem is we don't have the Novell client. So I tryed that within
Web-only with the Novell Application Launcher Plug-It or with the Desktop
Management Agent but it always says : "Could not get sufficent ressource
for application to launch (id=53374). Problem : script execution failed.
This application needs client32 functions that are not available.

So Is it possible to create a drive mapping on a Netware server without
the Novell Client?

If it's not possible, can I do it on a Linux server with Zen 7 instead?

Thanks for replying.

Marc Poulin