Hello all,

I'm running into an issue with distributing MS Office on Windows XP. We
are in a Windows only environment, and are using a mid-tier server for
authentication to edirectory (which is running on a Win2k3 server).

Active Directory is, of course, deployed.

The applications MUST be user-associated; we cannot use workstation
associations. Basically, we are trying to limit the number of Office
installations due to the number of licenses purchased.

So, my situation is if I have a user (ex User1) and their regular desktop
has office deployed, everything's ok. However, in the scenario if User1
was to walk over to another workstation, log in properly, but that
workstation's typical user DOES NOT get office, we have problems. Unless
User1 is part of the local administrators group, Office does not install

Due to licensing, we cannot simply deploy Office to all machines and only
unlock the app for authorized users. We also cannot make each user a
member of the local administrator's group. What I need is a way to have
Office deploy locally to a machine when a user has the application
associated to them (via user-association) and the user is also NOT a part
of the local administrators group. I know there will be some "license
creeping" but we'll worry about the clean up later.

I know this is convoluted (my head hurts just typing all this) but I
would appreciate any feedback or suggestions.


Rich S.