Hello all,

Since the big hype at Brainshare about, "Don't use snapshot anymore, use Admin Studio" I have been trying and trying and trying to get this to work for me. I do not know if my issues are the applications I am trying to create, Admin Studio, or my own lack of knowledge on how this work. Probably a combination of all of them.

Anyway, here is my latest issue. I have had 3 out of 10 application actually work with Admin Studio. Most of them create, with warnings. Then, when I start the MSI, it may or may not install properly. I am running the repackager from a network share (as recommended in the Best Practices) , started with repackager locally, an both created the MSIs locally and to a network server.

I am running a product called Millwizard. It is a .exe. If I pop the cd in locally, in about 30 seconds I have it installed. As you guessed, I do not want to run around to all the PC's that need it so I am trying to create this MSI.

When I do the MSI it appears to install correctly. When I launch the app, I get, "Windows Error" "Shopbot-0183" "This program has not been installed successfully on this machine." If I go around and pop in the cd into the machine and do a repair, it works fine.

Anything else I can try? A different MSI packager?